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What is Google AdSense?

You actually see them pass by while surfing, advertisements. You know that with Google AdWords you can place ads on Google Search and on the Display Network. That Display network is all kinds of websites that are connected to Google via Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is Google's advertising platform for publishers. You use this Google service if you want to place ads on your blog or website. It is the other side of AdWords. In AdWords, you pay for placing an ad and in AdSense, you get paid for making advertising space available.

So if you want to earn money from your website or blog, you can choose to create an account with Google AdSense. If you have successfully completed all the steps, you will also be given the opportunity to provide your website with advertisements.

How does it work?

In very simple terms, Google AdSense works almost automatically. You create an account and once your account is verified you will receive a piece of code. You have to implement this code in your website and once you have done that you can get started with setting up and choosing the ad sizes and the type of advertisement you want to display on your website. You do not need to contact advertisers yourself. This is all done automatically by Google. However, you can influence the type of advertisement that is displayed on your website by the settings in your AdSense account.

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